To Become associate

In order to make your ownership experience unique, we will determine the outlines of the project together.
Depending upon your wishes, your ambitions and your means, we will guide you to a made to measure package while maximising your chances of success.

1 ) Guidance through the process of registration as an owner with France Galop

One-off cost : 478,80€ inc tax invoiced by France Galop 
(178,80€ to open the account and + 300€ account deposit)

2 ) Choice of one or more horses

You choose one or more horses from a selection proposed for Etreham Exclusive with a minimum share of 5% .

The Haras d'Etreham, mutual partner in all horses racing in the Etreham Exclusive colours, retains a minimum share of 20% in each horse. 
A veterinary inspection (clinical, endoscopy and X-rays) will be carried out on all horses within the Etreham Exclusive offer. 

Price : Dependent upon the value of the horse and the share percentage. 


3 ) Tailor-made service
The Etreham Exclusive Service includes support, monitoring of the stable's horses, prospecting for new profiles, communication, stable management and organization of visits, events and entries to racecourses with access to the Haras d'Etreham boxes.
The annual fee is €500 without vat per share and per horse
whatever the share


4) Training fees and others

For the training fees and other expenses (farrier, veterinary, transport, entries...), the provisional estimate is 35-40k excl tax per horse per year, divided pro rata between members according to their shares. Each associate is invoiced directly by the trainer. 



5 ) Racing career management

The racing career of each horse will be managed to obtain the best possible results. 

Prize money is distributed automatically to each associate according to their shares by France Galop.

In the case of sale, during or at the end of the horses' career, or of the share of a member, the Haras d'Etreham will retain a commission of 5% upon the price of the horse or the share.
Members are free to leave the association at any time by selling their share. In the event of a member selling his or her share(s), the existing associates in that horse will have pre-emptive rights.


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